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Moon-horses, also called teu'kelytha in Elvish, were intelligent, magic-using horses found on Evermeet.[1]


Moon-horses had coats that ranged from white to silvery gray. Their manes could be any color between white and black.[1]


Moon-horses were highly intelligent and resembled elves in personality. They willingly served elves as mounts and cavalry. When they roamed free, they often joined up in herds.[1]


Moon-horses were used by elven knights in combat. They had the ability to cast one arcane spell per day. The spells they were known to use were color spray, magic missile, shield, sleep, wall of fog, knock, ray of enfeeblement, stinking cloud, summon swarm, and web. Moon-horses were immune to special attacks by undead.[1]


A moon-horse with black hair.

Moon-horses were found all over Evermeet. Moon-horse mounts were not stabled but instead allowed to run free in common herds. Large common herds could be found in Greenmeadow, Drelagara, Ty'athalael, and Horsefields.[2] Dreglagara was the center of moon-horse breeding and training.[3]


Moon-horses were native to Evermeet and Arcorar (the forest around the Elven Court in Cormanthor).[4][5] They resided in former times on the continent of Faerûn, where they were used by the knights of Cormanthyr, but the last of the moon-horses were brought back to Evermeet during the Retreat.[1][5]

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