The moon (or a moon) refers to crescent shaped coins minted by the city of Silverymoon.

A moon was originally a shining blue crescent-shaped electrum coin, valued at 2 ep (1 gp) in the city of Silverymoon. and 1 ep elsewhere.[1][2]

Later coins were shining gold crescents known as the moon, and accepted throughout the Silver Marches at a value of 2 gp.[3]

Around the late 1480s and the early 1490s DR the original shining blue crescent-shaped electrum coin was in circulation again, valued at 2 unicorns (platinum pieces) in Silverymoon, and 1 platinum piece elsewhere. At the same time, along with this coin, there was also the eclipsed moon, which consisted of a moon stamped with a silver wedge to complete its round form. It was worth 5 unicorns in Silverymoon, or 2 unicorns elsewhere.[4]

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The Silver Marches does not mention the older electrum moon, but implies that the city of Silverymoon, only minted the gold coin at the time.

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