The Moon Pass was an ancient gorge through which the River Rauvin flowed, splitting the eastern and western section of the Nether Mountains.[1]


The trail between Everlund and Sundabar passed through the Moon Pass.[2]


Despite the Nether Mountains dominated on both its sides, the Moon Pass was a world unto itself. The meltwater filtered through the mountains congealed itself during the winter. Then thawed itself and began to slide down once again, year after year, by digging deep caves on both sides of the pass. Each of these caves dug in the rock, were like vertical labyrinths. The caves were wet and there grew mushrooms of all species (glowing, edible and poisonous ones). There were also many links to the Underdark. It was a land of nobody, crossed with great caution by humans, orcs, dwarves, duergars, driders, and even drow. There had been encountered also aballins and yuan-ti. A group of Illithids dwelt in the vicinity. The attacks were frequent, while equipment and goods dropped by the victims were scattered everywhere. Many party of adventurers realized that there was something able to catch the attention of Underdark creatures in this place.[1]

Notable locationsEdit


A trading village on the northern entrance into the pass.[1]



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