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Moon dogs were celestials native to the Blessed Fields of Elysium.[1]


Moon dogs resembled large dogs, about 3 ft (0.91 m) tall at the shoulder, with silvery fur and obsidian-black eyes. Moon dogs had opposable digits on their fronts paws that they could use as hands. Additionally, the face had some slight human characteristics.[1][2]


Moon dogs were relentless hunters of evil. Because of this, they rarely associated with anyone for long. They were generally friendly to other good creatures.[1][2]


Moon dogs spoke the languages of celestials and devils, as well as Common. They could also use telepathy to communicate with creatures within 50 feet of them.[1]

Moon dogs possessed a wide variety of abilities, including a number of magical and spell-like ones. Among others, they could always detect evil, magic, traps, and invisibility. By licking a wound, they could slow poison, remove disease, or even completely heal a minor one.[1][2]

Moon dogs could dispel illusions by whining. By barking, a moon dog could dispel evil. When one bayed, it instilled fear in all evil creatures within 80 feet of it. And when a moon dog howled, all evil creatures within 40 feet of it were damaged and possibly dismissed. The more than one moon dogs were howling, the dismissal effect was that much harder to resist.[1]

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