Moonbeam was an evocation spell that fired a movable beam of light that penetrated darkness and forced lycanthropes to change shape.[5]

Effects[edit | edit source]

The moonbeam was cone-shaped and originated from the caster's hand. Once each minute of the spell's duration, the caster could choose a different direction in which to point the beam. It was the intensity of the full moon and any lycanthropes caught in the cone of moonlight would involuntarily change into their animal form unless they could muster the will to prevent it. Likewise, were-creatures in the moonlit area already in animal form had to exert willpower to change back.[5]

Darkness spells of higher level blocked moonbeam but those of equal or lower level did not. Unlike light spells, moonbeam did not dispel or counter magical darkness of equal or lower level.[5]

Components[edit | edit source]

Verbal and somatic components were required. The divine version worked off the caster's holy symbol or divine focus, while the arcane version required a pinch of white powder.[5] After the Second Sundering, the spell required as materials a piece of opalescent feldspar and seeds of any moonseed plant.[1]

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