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Moondale was one of the largest and most prosperous of the Dalelands, located in the southeastern region deep within the expansive forest of Cormanthor.[1]


Moondale was one of the first dales founded after the raising of the Standing Stone in 1 DR. The dale enjoyed rapid growth and flourishing trade, particularly with the nearby nation of Sembia. This growing alliance culminated with the peaceful annexation of the people of the dale by Sembia sometime around 1070 DR. Eventually the merchant kingdom founded the city of Ordulin over the former dale, which quickly grew into a bustling metropolis and was declared Sembia's capital.[1] Most of the dalesfolk saw this as a warning for events that might spread to their homes; the folk of Tasseldale viewed it as a plan of action.[2]

Geographical features[]

Whereas the Ordulin of 14th century was separated from the Elven Wood, Moondale existed in the age when the great forest stretched all the way east to the Sea of Fallen Stars. Deep in the forest, Moondale was nestled in a wide valley of grassland.[1]