Moonlands was a region that was located east of the River Surbrin and north of River Rauvin in the Silver Marches.[1]


The southern part of this region was densely populated, but away from the river, the landscape soon turned into a real wild land. The landscape was characterized by meadows interspersed by rolling hills and thick stands of woods.[1]


The Moonlands were the territory of the Uthgardt. The ancestral mounds of the Black Lion tribe and Red Tiger tribe were near Beorunna's Well, up in the north, while the Sky Pony tribe was located in the environs of the One Stone down in the south. There were some disputes in this region since Uthgardt's Sky Pony tribe attacked many caravans of dwarves directed from Citadel Felbarr to Silverymoon. Hot-head dwarves of Felbarr, who were brave stalwart defenders, were considering driving the Sky Pony barbarians away from the area; this would surely cause both sides to suffer many losses.[1]




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