The Moontear was a relic associated with the elven deity Sehanine Moonbow. In the 1490s DR, it was sought after by the Order of the Burning Dawn, an adventuring company.[1]


The Moontear had the appearance of a crystal rock.[1]


The relic was said to possess a fraction of Sehanine's divine essence, granting its owner the ability to heal injuries, cure madness, and resurrect the dead.[1]


According to legend, Sehanine Moonbow shed a single tear for the gods who fell during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR. Unbeknown to most, the relic was secreted away in an elven village, where it remained hidden until it was stolen in a drow raid. All the while, ambitious individuals both good and evil searched for the Moontear, hoping to use the relic to further their ends.[1]

In the 1390s DR, the brothers Gareth and Roth Dawntreader founded the Order of the Burning Dawn, in the hopes of tracking down the Moontear and using its power to combat the spread of evil.[1]

In the 1490s DR, the demon Belaphoss attempted to corrupt the Moontear and use it to ascend to godhood.[1]