Morag is the main antagonist in the original Neverwinter Nights campaign. Ten thousand years before the events of the campaign, Morag was a queen of the Old Ones, a powerful and cruel reptilian race. At that time, the continent of Faerûn was a jungle, but after an ice age dawned upon Faerûn, the Old Ones were all but wiped out. In order to sustain themselves, Morag and a handful of her subjects entered an alternate dimension via a magical device known as the Source Stone, which protected them from the cold. Ten millennia later, at the time that the campaign has taken place, the city of Neverwinter has been constructed over the area where the Source Stone lies. Morag desires to regain her power and turn the continent of Faerûn into a jungle once more, over which she shall rule as of old.

One day Maugrim, who had heard rumors of the Source Stone, encounters it while on a search, and triggers the plague, which is a defense system of the Source Stone. Though infected and dying, Morag uses her power to heal Maugrim and tells him of her ambitions. As she will be able to gain power over from those who die within the vicinity of the Source Stone, she commands Maugrim to spread the plague throughout Neverwinter, which he does. After the execution of Fenthick, Morag begins to appear to Aribeth in her dreams, tempting her to defect to Maugrim's cause as a means of revenge against Neverwinter for seeking Fenthick's death. Aribeth eventually gives in, and agrees to lead a Luskan army in an attack on Neverwinter. Meanwhile, she also has Maugrim and his cult seeking the four Words of Power, ancient Old One artifacts that contain magical power which Morag can use to free herself from the Source Stone. Though the hero succeeds in recovering three of these Words before Maugrim can, the one that Maugrim does find is the most powerful of all, and combined with the power that Morag has already gained from those who have died of the plague and during the siege of Neverwinter, which is taking place by now, Morag has regained enough power to break free of the Source Stone, and will do so imminently. After killing Maugrim and recovering the last Word of Power, in order to prevent Morag's return, the hero uses the four Words of Power to enter the Source Stone and confront Morag. In the ensuing fight, the hero kills Morag and the realm contained within the Source Stone begins to implode. In order to save the hero, Haedraline opens a portal to an "astral pocket," which allows the hero to escape from the Source Stone, and subsequently opens a portal that leads back to Faerûn.

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