Moralists or Clerics of the Faith Moral, were militant priests in Zakhara who served as the heart and fire of their church.[1][note 1]


Moralists priests could be male or female of any race. Males and females were usually segregated into separate buildings and sometimes even separate temples. All moralists were lawful individuals.[1]


These priests were zealots. This distinction often led others to view them as dangerous.[1]

All rules governing a moralist's life were derived from their god. They tolerated ethoists and pragmatists of their own religion, but still believed they were not living their lives properly. They disliked other priests and despised magic-users.[1]

Unless approved by their god, all earthly distractions were avoided by moralists. They only mingled with non-moralists if given a direct order by their superiors.[1]

Moralists were stern and serious individuals at all times. They kept precise records of their accounts and actions in case they were ever called upon to defend themselves.[1]


Moralists always wore the official uniform of their church. Chainmail armor was usually worn underneath their uniform.[1]


Moralists received great support from any temple of their god. This support came in the form of shelter, food, money, recruiting warriors, and even having their own personal assistant.[1]

Orders could be given to any lower-ranking moralists and were expected to be obeyed to the word.[1]


Any order received from a higher-ranking moralist needed to be obeyed.[1]

Moralists tithed half of their earnings to their church.[1]

Given their strict nature, moralists suffered socially when dealing with any non-moralists.[1]



  1. Moralist was a cleric class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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