Moray was the western most settlement of the Ffolk and the most wild of the southern Moonshae Isles.[2] By the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the Black Blood Tribe of lycanthropes controlled most of the island.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

Breasal MarshEdit

A marsh home to Lizardfolk.[4]

Caer MorayEdit

This small port village of 1,500 was one of the few remaining outposts of humanity on Moray.[4]

Dennin's DelveEdit

A ruined dwarven stronghold that contained an inactive portal to Alaron isle.[5]


This small village on the edge of Lac Dynnegall was known primarily as a place to harvest peat.[4]


A village on the eastern shore of Moray, the population was supported by Amn. The village was too far from the island's moonwells to attract much attention from the Black Blood Tribe.[5]


A village protected by Northlanders, It lies on the edge of the Shannyth Forest. This forest provides lots of wood for the Storm Maiden to build her ships.[4]


As of the late 1400s, the southern half of the Moray was under the influence of the Black Blood Tribe, a sect of the People of the Black Blood.[6]


Moray lay to the south of Norland, west of Gwynneth, and north of Flamsterd.[7]



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