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Morg was a vampiric hill giant shaman dedicated to Grolantor.[1]


Morg was 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and musclebound, had vacant-looking gray eyes, and fangs that were 6 inches (0.15 meters) in length. Nevertheless, he was unusually handsome for a hill giant. He tended to wear clothing made from stinking bear hides, with a belt made from the mummified heads of his victims. He also wore a holy symbol of Grolantor around his neck.[1] In his owl form, he was 14 feet (4.3 meters) tall with a wingspan of 30 feet (9.1 meters).[2]


Morg was atypically polite and personable for a hill giant[1] but also cruel, finding joy in draining the life from his victims, then tossing their corpses aside like refuse. He was devoted to his deity, killing and destroying in Grolantor's name. When he hunted people, he tried to bait any allies they might have into following him back to his lair, so he could kill them too.[2]


As a vampire, he shared many of their abilities, but could not assume a gaseous form and did not regenerate wounds as other vampires could. Instead, he recovered from his wounds when he shapechanged into his animal forms: that of a giant owl, or a giant cave bear.[3]


Morg was born into a hill giant tribe, which exiled him in his adolescence for his lack of disfigurements and for not being slovenly or unkempt. He spent several years wandering in Kryptgarden Forest until he encountered the Lostafinga tribe of hobgoblins, who hired him as a mercenary. The hobgoblins decided to take over Southkrypt Garden,[1] an abandoned dwarfhold from the time of Haunghdannar located just outside of the forest.[4] However, the Garden was occupied by monsters who proved too much for the Lostafingas and their hireling to overcome. The hobgoblins fled, leaving Morg to his death. Morg prayed to Grolantor, promising to dedicate his life to the deity if only he would give him the strength to survive. It was not Grolantor who answered his prayer, but Morg didn't know that. Regardless, Morg found himself transformed into a vampire, and the Garden's monsters now served him. Morg still received his shamanistic spells, so he was left with no doubt that it was his god who had saved him and he dedicated his life to the service of Grolantor.[1]

He returned to his hill giant tribe, hunting them every night until fully half of them were dead, whereupon the survivors fled far from their territory. He also took three giants, the ones who had argued the loudest for his exile, as his vampiric thralls. Morg next went after the Lostafingas, who had left him to be eaten alive at Southkrypt Garden. However, Maglubiyet warned the Lostafinga shaman and the shaman bravely negotiated with Morg to provide him guards who would keep his new lair safe, and bring him victims to feed on. Morg agreed to the deal on the provision that if these hobgoblins failed him, he would slaughter the entire tribe.[5]

Since then, Morg stayed in the lowest level of Southkrypt, venturing out to the countryside and Sword Mountains around twice a month to hunt his own prey.[2]



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