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Morgur's Mound was the ancestor mound of the Thunderbeast tribe of the Uthgardt.[1][2]


Atop the mound was the skeleton of a long-dead dinosaur, known as a "thunderbeast" by the Uthgardt.[2] The wizard Amelior Amanitas speculated that this skeleton was likely that of a brontosaurus.[3] Enormous cairns encircled the mound out to a quarter mile 0.25 mi (400 m), housing the bones of revered warriors of the tribe.[4]


When the Thunderbeasts visited the mound for Runemeet in the late 15th-century DR, they found that the mound had been dug up, both skeletons and the treasure within stolen.[2]

Rumors & Legends[]

Morgur's Mound was believed to be the burial site of Morgur, Uthgar's mortal brother.[3]

Rumors claimed that Thunderbeast shamans could animate the skeleton atop the mound whenever their tribe was in dire need of protection.[3]

Superstitious members of the tribe often buried magical items within the mound, believing they would be watched over by the spirits of the dead.[4]



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