Morhion Gen'dahar was known to many as the greatest wizard in the city of Iriaebor in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Morhion spoke impassively, rarely showing his emotions, which made him hard for others to read.[2]


He owned a tower in Iriaebor.[3]


Morhion was more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and broad-shouldered. He was regal and handsome, with fine facial features, deep blue eyes, with a long mane of golden hair.[1][4] On the palm of his left hand he had an old scar, a mark known as the Rune of Magic.[5] His voice was tenor and burnished.[4]

He wore a plain pearl-gray hooded robes of expensive-seeming make.[6] He also occasionally wore midnight-blue leathers and a misty-gray cloak.[7] He bore a staff made of ash-wood.[8]


Morhion Gen'dahar was the first member to join the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon, after Caledan Caldorien and Estah.[9]

In about 1357 DR, the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon captured Ravendas after defeating her army at Hluthvar. Once Ravendas was alone with her Harper sister, Kera, Ravendas convinced her to release her and then strangled her with the bonds that previously held her. That was the day that the Fellowship disbanded.[10][11]

After Kera's murder, Caledan Caldorien had a death wish and followed Ravendas to Darkhold and somehow managed to slip through Darkhold's defenses. Morhion knew that Caledan would die if he attempted to kill Ravendas in Darkhold, so he followed him and allowed himself to be captured by the Zhentarim. The Zhents took him to Ravendas and he revealed that Caledan had managed to get inside Darkhold. In return, Ravendas allowed Morhion to escape, but instead found Caledan and told him what he had done, Caledan has disdained Morhion since that day. To escape from Darkhold, Morhion learned of a spirit named Serafi who haunted the caverns beneath the keep. Morhion summoned the undead spirit of Serafi so that they might find a way to escape. The spirit told them of a cavern that led out of the keep, but Morhion had to pay a price: once a month, on a full moon, the spirit of Serafi came to Morhion and drank his blood, with the pact remaining until Morhion died.[12]

During the time the Fellowship was disbanded, Morhion worked as a court wizard for some time.[13]

When Caledan returned to Iriaebor in 1363 DR, and the rest of the Fellowship came together, Morhion accompanied them in reclaiming Iriaebor, after they had sought information about The Book of the Shadows.[13]

After defeating the Shadowking, Caledan forgave Morhion as he realized that he was trying to help him all along. This was one of the only times Morhion showed true emotion, when he smiled.[14]


His only relationship was with the members of the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon, and he considers them to be like family.[citation needed]



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