Morlanth was a necromancer wizard in the Shard of Night above Neverwinter.[1]

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Morlanth was the apprentice of the lich Arklem Greeth during his time as leader of the Arcane Brotherhood. Arklem sent Morlanth to Neverwinter in search of an artifact known as the Shroud of Souls that could be used to call upon the spirits of the dead. Morlanth found the Shroud within a Kelemvorite crypt in the city's River District, but the crypt's wards trapped her within. Over time, the magic of the Shroud transformed her into a shade.[1]

Over a century later, the illusionist Lukan accidentally breached the crypt's wards, freeing Morlanth. Allying herself with the Netherese, Morlanth took up residence within the Shard of Night and planned to use the Shroud of Souls to raise the Neverwinter Nine as wraiths under her control. She was ultimately slain by the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, who recovered the Shroud of Souls before she could finish her ritual.[1]

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