Morninggold was the easternmost county of Tethyr, located within the Golden Marches.[1]


County Morninggold was located in the western foothills of the Kuldin Peaks and was bordered in the north and west by the Shining Stream and in the south by the Idolflow and its tributary, the Levast River. Its neighboring counties were Valashar, Hazamarch, and Surkazar.[2]


In 1362 DR, the county was ruled, until the end of the Tethyrian Interregnum, by Zaranda Star. When she became queen of all Tethyr in 1369 DR,[3] power over the county passed to Aalangama Gulderhorn, who was also Title Chancellor of the kingdom. However, her power over the region was not strong, and at times it seemed that the monster races of the area—gnolls, ogres, and trolls—had more control.[1]


The county, which used to belong to the Gulderhorn family, was purchased from the Order of the Silver Chalice in 1362 DR[1] or 1364 DR[4] by Zaranda Star.[1]

The order was nearly wiped out during the First Siege of Myratma. To reward them for their service to Tethyr, after her ascension as queen, Zaranda restored the lands to a surviving member of the Gulderhorns and of the order, Aalangama.[5]

Notable locationsEdit

Morninggold Keep 
This was the estate of Zaranda Star during her time as countess and afterward the county seat for Aalangama Gulderhorn.[1]
Mount Noblesse 
This manor was the headquarters of the Order of the Silver Chalice.[1]




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