Morningmist Hall was a temple to Lathander in Marsember, Cormyr.[2] It was extremely beautiful in design, that served as a sign of hope within the dangerous city during the 14th century DR.[1] It was situated on one of the city's sandy islands near its centre.[3]


It was described by Orblin of Hlondeth as "a bright light of hope in the dark heart of decadent Marsember."[4] The pink walls of the hall were constantly lit by magical faerie fire.[2] Its slender spires


It was led by High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen and was served by 16 priests and 12 other staff members.[2]

They maintained a fleet of 6 armed sea-faring vessels each manned by two dozen sailors.[1]


In addition to the full array of services offered by the temple, including blessings and weddings, they hunted smugglers and pirates in the Inner Sea and used the recovered treasure to fill their coffers.[1]



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