Morntel the Elder was a merchant of Amn and an ex-member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Morntel was a wealthy merchant in Athkatla, working for House Redolo. In 1356 DR, he was reported to have been killed by a magic attack or by a demonic creature, but unknown to most, this was only a ruse. In truth, Morntel had discovered some Knights involved in the slave traffic to Calimshan and tried to stop the slaving operation, which was too cruel for his tastes. However, the only result was that the slaver Knights threatened to kill him. So he faked his death and fled to Sigil in Concordant Opposition.

It was only in 1369 DR that Morntel reestablished contact with his son, also called Morntel, meeting at the Blais House in Westgate, where they started making plans for his revenge.[1]



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