Mortal Consequences is the third book in the Netheril trilogy by Clayton Emery.[1]

Endgame . . .

The Netherese Empire will collapse in five generations.

A forgotten foe, armed with a hell-spawned source of destructive magic, returns to seek her revenge, and a lost love is found in a most unexpected place.

Against a backdrop of war and chaos, the barbarian Sunbright struggles to carve out a niche for himself -- and his people -- in a rapidly changing world.



Sunbright has been banished long enough. He decides to return to his people and face his accusers, even if it means his death. Yet, ironically, he can't find his people for the longest while. And when he does, they're in such dire straits he can't abandon them, but must sacrifice his wishes to drag them kicking and screaming to a better place.[citation needed]

It's courageous to fight bad guys. It's more courageous to face up to the bullies of your youth. But it's the ultimate in courage to put all your feelings aside, forgive your most undeserving enemies, and do what's right for your people.[citation needed]

It doing that, Sunbright morphs from a mere warrior to something far greater - a leader.[citation needed]


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