Morus Brokengulf II was a paladin of the Knights of Samular in Waterdeep in 1372 DR.[1]


Morus II was, from the age of 16, a devoted paladin and Tyrran zealot, even cutting off his right hand in sacrifice to Tyr and soon joining the Knights of Samular.[1]

After a long time hunting evil throughout the Sword Coast, the death of Lord Morus Brokengulf I forced Morus II to become the next patriarch of the Brokengulf family. However, after some months of work, Morus II was greatly frustrated and turned over day-to-day operations of the family business to fellow Knight Gareth Cormaeril, and again set out to fight evil.[1]

Morus II sometimes returned to the city but spent most of his time fighting monsters and hunting Claugiyliamatar, the old enemy of his family.[1]



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