Morvian was a magical greatsword and one of the baneblades of Demron created in Myth Drannor.[1]


It was a magnificent greatsword designed for folk of human, elf, or dwarf size, weighing 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms). It gave off a strong yellow light when drawn, resembling sunlight.[1]


As one of baneblades, it was a +4 holy weapon that was a bane to both undead and evil outsiders. Morvian was also axiomatic and let its wielder use daylight once a day. In contrast to earlier baneblades, it could be used by members of any race, provided they were lawful good; it was just a non-magical if well-made sword for anyone else.[1]


It was crafted by the archmage Demron before the fall of Myth Drannor, and was the third of his series of Baneblades.[1]



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