Morwen Daggerford was the sister of the duke of Daggerford around 1485 DR[1] and later duchess herself the following year.[4]


Morwen usually trained with the militia and paid regular visits to the shrine of Tempus. She was the Master of Arms of the duchy and the military commander of the castle but many believed her a better duke than Maldwyn Daggerford.[1]


Around 1486 DR, Morwen inherited the title from Maldwyn when the practice of primogeniture was suspended in the town of Daggerford.[4] She also joined the Lords' Alliance.[6]

Not long after she began her rule, Lady Morwen was captured by Baroness Wynne Cromm and placed into the dungeon of Cromm's Hold. A succubus named Pencheska, disguised as Lady Morwen, ruled Daggerford in her stead.[7]


On the surface, Morwen was not an amiable person but in truth she had a noble heart. People believed her to be a more capable leader than Maldwyn and blamed the laws or primogeniture, but Morwen was content with her position.[1]