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Moss, also known as greengrass,[2] was a type of a small flowerless plant that preferred shady and damp locations, but could be found in a wide variety of places across Toril.[3][4]


Moss was often found in dense clusters and sprawling, carpet-like growths. They varied in color, but green was the most commonly found.[3][4]


Blueglow moss 
A magic moss that grew exclusively within Myth Drannor's mythal and possessed potent healing properties.[3]
Cave moss 
A type of moss found in Underdark that was the food source of rothé and other creatures that resided there.[5]
A common type of luminescent moss often used as a decorative source of light.[6]
Hanging moss 
A species of moss commonly found in marshes and jungles that thrived in hot and wet areas. Hanging mosses existed in a symbiotic relationship with their hosts.[7]
Ivory moss 
A type of moss found in the Midwood area of the forest of Cormanthor. It was found in the groves of alders, hickories, and bitternuts.[8]
A type of aquatic moss that grew in the shape of a ball and was commonly found at the bottoms of lakes.[9]
A type of intelligent black moss that had the ability to steal the memories of other creatures and partially subsisted upon them.[10]
Spirit moss 
A pale white moss that grew on dead trees in swampy environments and entangled victims.[11]
A decorative species of moss that was often planted on the roads of Loudwater in Delimbiyr Vale.[12]
A species of lichen that that grew in the areas with strong weave connections.[13]


Archendale was well-known for being a beautiful valley of lush vegetation like ferns, lilies, and mosses.[14]

Barrelstone Inn was known for its leaky and drafty interior that was a breeding ground for mosses and mildew.[15]

Roaring Griffon Inn was a miniature castle that attracted visitors to marvel at its moss gardens that encircled the building.[16]

The Garden of Delights of Sarahin many beds of soft moss were found in corners and dens of the building.[17]

The Temple of Moander in Yulash had moss covering the shrine area akin to a living carpet.[18]

The Heartlands was home to many species of moss. Glowmoss could be found in the village of Gray Oaks.[19] Plungepool was well-known in Cormyr for its rich moss and plant carpets and slick slippery walls.[20]

The swamp and marsh areas such as Spider Swamp,[21] Lizard Marsh,[7] and the Flooded Forest arm of Cormanthor were lush with mushrooms, lichens, and hanging mosses.[22]

The Islands of the Djinni's Claws' and Steaming Isles' jungles were home for draping mosses that thrived in the hot and wet climate.[23]

The ruined citadel of Spellgard had abundant fungi and mosses growing in its abandoned halls, including hanging moss and luminescent mosses that adorned the walls of the Main Hall.[24]

Meenlock lairs were completely covered in a certain type of black moss that muffled sounds.[25]


  • The hamlet of Mornbryn's Shield was known for growing a variety of mosses. Some possessed medicinal qualities, others were used by Waterdhavian and Amnian perfume makers as a secret ingredient.[26]
  • The nobility of some cities, like Waterdeep and Calimshan, consumed shield moss as a fashionable dish. These mosses were deep-fried and coated in sauces.[26]
  • In the Northern reaches, rangers and barbarians were using moss to create makeshift bedrolls, moss being good insulation protecting the sleeper from the cold of frozen ground.[27]
  • Glowmoss was known to be used as a source of light and decoration, notably, in the peculiar tavern on the Crawling Spider in Waterdeep. The mosses and lichens were regularly watered and cared for.[28]
  • On occasion, moss was planted on surfaces to reduce its muddiness, notably, the grounds of Highmoon's High Market were carpeted with carefully planted hard types of moss.[29]


  • The god of rot and decay, Moander was able to control moss and used it, along with many other living things, to form the body of his shambling avatar, the Abomination of Moander.[30]
  • The goddess Mielikki often manifested herself as a young woman with hair of leaves and golden moss.[31]
  • The Zakharan legend of the Maiden of Beauty mentioned hanging moss that was used to help disguise the Maiden as an old man.[32]
  • Quelzarn were known to grow weeds and mosses on the smile that was secreted from their skin.[33]
  • Chief Urbone, like some other older troglodytes, had bits of moss and fungus growing on their heads.[34]



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