The Hollow Mountain, later called Mount Grimmerfang, was a mountain in the Vast in north Faerûn. It was the capital of both the orc kingdom of Vastar and the dwarf kingdom of Roldilar.[1]


The mountain was originally known as the "Hollow Mountain".[1]

At some point, the monstrous orc Ologh rose to the position of Overking of Vastar, and created a throne for himself, holding court from the Hollow Mountain.[1] When Ologh the Overking was killed by the black dragon Iyrauroth in the Year of Writhing Darkness, 572 DR, the throne was left vacant and Vastar descended into civil war.[1]

Eventually, Grimmerfang defeated his last rival and seized the throne in the Year of the Loose Coins, 580 DR. Orc-King Grimmerfang renamed the Hollow Mountain after himself, to Mount Grimmerfang.[1][2]

However, dwarves invaded and Vastar fell in the Year of the Spellfire, 610 DR. The dwarves took Mount Grimmerfang from the orcs and slew Grimmerfang himself at the mountain. He was left entombed there.[3][1]

The same year, the dwarves founded the kingdom of Roldilar, under Deep King Tuir Stonebeard. Tuir placed his throne deep beneath Mount Grimmerfang and held court from there.[3][1] It was here in the Year of the Costly Gift, 645 DR, that Maskyr One-Eye bought the vale of Maskyr's Eye from King Tuir.[3][1]

Resurgent orcs engulfed Roldilar in the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR[1] and the dwarves retreated to Mount Grimmerfang.[4][1] This ended in the bloody, 20-day-long Battle of Deepfires beneath the mountain, and the fall of Roldilar, the Realm of Glimmering Swords, that same year.[4][1][5][6]

Knowledge of the location of Mount Grimmerfang eventually became lost. Those few dwarven elders still alive by 1370 DR who could still identify Mount Grimmerfang refused to tell humans or elves about it.[1]

Iyrauroth returned to Mount Grimmerfang sometime between 1369 DR and 1373 DR and laired there.[7]


By 1370 DR, the sage Elminster of Shadowdale estimated Mount Grimmerfang to be the first peak north-east of Mount Wolf, placing it in the Giantspike or Earthspur Mountains. However, he'd not investigated this himself to confirm.[1] [note 1]



  1. The map on page 145 of The City of Ravens Bluff, seen in the sidebar, depicts Mount Grimmerfang as actually just south-east of Mount Wolf.


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