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Mount Kahdas was the second tallest peak in the Alimir Mountains.[1]


Kahdas was one of the central Alimirs. Its elevation was 7,800 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level.[1] It was located north of Mount Ulaarn and Azure Falls.[2]

Mount Kahdas was visible from 50 miles outside of Almraiven. It had sheared sides facing to the west that—together with the similar face of nearby Mount Phevos—were known as the Eye Tyrant Cliffs.[1] Three enormous beholders were carved on the cliffs of Mt. Kahdas, portrayed as warring with humans on the opposing cliffs of Phevos.[3]


The carvings on Mount Kahdas celebrated the victory of the beholders against the humans of Calimshan during the Third Age.[3]




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