"I swear on Speartop!"
  — A common oath among the lower-classed citizens of Amn.[2][3]

Mount Speartop was the tallest mountain of the Cloud Peaks.[1]


Mount Speartop was located near the coast on the southwestern corner of the Cloud Peaks. To the northwest were the Hamlar Hills and St. Carwell's Vale.[4]

Mount Speartop's summit was 14,500 feet (4,400 meters) above sea level,[1] making it one of the 20 tallest peaks in southern Faerûn.[3] It was so tall that it could be seen from Athkatla, 20 miles (32 kilometers) away, on clear days.[2][3]


Speartop was a popular climbing site for mountaineers, because while a very challenging and tall climb, it was not a relatively dangerous one, provided the climber was not foolish in proper preparation. The exception to this generalization was the northeast face of the mountain, which was especially precarious and was also home to a dragon.[2]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

A white wyrm named Icehauptannarthanyx lived on Mount Speartop, 750 feet (230 meters) below the summit on the northeast face. His lair was a nearly inaccessible cave, but he preferred to never leave it.[2][5][3]


In addition to Icehaupt, the mountain was said to be the home of several other gigantic sleeping dragons.[6]




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