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Mount Waterdeep was the name of the mountain on and around which the city of Waterdeep was built. It was a rough, rocky mountain and stood some 700 feet (210 meters) above the sea level, to the west of the city. Beneath the mountain was the notorious Undermountain. The whole of Mount Waterdeep was considered to be in the Castle Ward.[1][2]


Mount Waterdeep shielded the city from the worst coastal storm winds.[2][3]


There was a ballad that spoke an ancient city sunk into the sea and the gods raised a head stone for it to mark the grave. That was Mount Waterdeep.[4]

Mount Waterdeep was once home to the underhalls of Melairbode, a shield dwarf hold.[5]

Rumors & Legends

It was thought that the Harpers have a secret base somewhere on the mountainside.[citation needed]

Notable Locations


The reclusive monk Hlam lived in a cave halfway up the side of the mountain.[8][9]