Mountain Crusher was a magical composite longbow belonging to Tavis Burdun, the First Defender of Hartsvale.[1]


Mountain Crusher was eight feet long.[2] It was strung with woven steel cord. It was reinforced with the ribs of a glacier bear, allowing Tavis to use his incredible firbolg strength to best effect without risking snapping the weapon.[1][2] The bow was covered in runes,[1][2] which were etched by Tavis' runecaster companion, Basil of Lyndusfarne.[2]


The weapon was a +5 composite longbow, which allowed Tavis to apply his full strength to his attacks.[1] When Tavis said, "Basil is great," backwards, one of the runes on the bow would glow a ruby color and then vanish, granting the bow its magical power. An arrow shot from the bow would leave a trail of crimson behind it as it flew.[2]


Mountain Crusher was specially crafted for Tavis,[1] after his first bow, Bear Driller, was broken in Tavis' battle with Arno and Julian.[2] It received its name from Queen Brianna after Tavis used the weapon to create a landslide which trapped a group of fire giants in the Gorge of the Silver Wyrm.[2]

Tavis wielded his bow frequently in combat, using runearrows from Basil as ammunition.[1]

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