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Mountain goats were alpine mammals.[1]


Mountain goats had thick, white fur and a thick layer of fat. This provided it with amble protection from the cold.[1]


Mountain goats were territorial and had a reputation for being incredibly stubborn creatures. As a result, they were quite difficult to domesticate.[1]


Mountain goats were sure-footed on most alpine terrain. Their superb climbing ability allowed them to scale even the steepest of cliffs and they were capable of jumping from one narrow ledge to another.[1]


When threatened, a mountain goat rammed its opponent.[1]



Mountain goats could be encountered throughout the Realms, including Adama's Tooth[2], Fimbrul[3], Ice Peak[4], Kelvin's Cairn[1], the Marching Mountains[5], the mountains of Maztica[6], Shalhoond[7], Shining Plains[8], the Spine of the World[1], Standing Stones[9], the Tannith Mountains[10], the Valley of Echoes[11] and the World Pillar Mountains.[12]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, mountain goats could be found in the land of Barovia.[13]


Goliath tribes were known to tend herds of mountain goats and their youths sometimes used them as mounts.[14]

Oreads sometimes developed friendships with mountain goats.[15]


Mountain goats could be employed as cavalry. Known examples include the goblin and orcs of the Shining Plains[8] as well as the oni of Fimbrul.[3] In the Dalelands they were known to be roasted and eaten.[16]


  • Mountain goats were the holy symbol of the outsider deity Enki.[17]


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