The mountain orcs of the North and the Spine of the World comprise the oldest and most numerous of the various orc subraces active on Faerûn. In fact, many people assume that all orcs are like the savage warmongers found in these regions, and do not identify gray orcs or even half-orcs as separate races.


A mountain orc is quite obviously a monstrous creature to most of the civilized folk of Faerûn. Mountain orcs look vaguely like primitive humans but are a fair bit taller at seven or more feet in height; a rare few exceed eight feet in height. They have stocky, powerful necks, and their bestial heads seem to sit directly on their massive shoulders. Their eyes are always a deep shade of red, and their faces are dominated by porcine snouts and large tusks. Mountain orcs often weave braids and tiny bones into their thick matted hair, which is usually black. Their clothing is crude and primitive, often composed of unpleasant colors like blood red, mustard yellow, yellow-green, and deep purple. They are far from the cleanest race on Faerûn and delight in decorating their bodies with scars and warpaint.


The mountain orcs gather in immense tribes. Unlike their gray orc kin, mountain orcs are not nomadic.



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