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A mouse was a type of small rodent found in Faerûn.


  • Badger mice: A species of mouse found in the Duskwood. Their name was derived from the fact that they were similar in size to small badgers. During the springtime in this forest there tended to be an abundance of ash wheat, which caused an increase in the badger mice population that was controlled by puff adders.[1]



Mice were quite common throughout the North and its Savage Frontier.[2] In the Unapproachable East, mice were common across the central plains of Rashemen.[3] In west Faerûn, mice could be found in the Forest of Mir,[4] the warmer areas of Calimshan, as well as throughout both the Eastern and Western Heartlands. In southwest Faerûn, they could be found in Tashalar.[5]

Beyond Faerûn, mice were quite abundant on the island of Evermeet, where they were hunted by gold elves.[6] They could also be found in the Hordelands in the Katakoro Plateau.[7]

Beyond Toril, mice could be found on the planets Chandos and Garden.[8]


Ilmater, the deity of suffering and martyrdom, could cause the appearance of field mice to indicate his favor or encourage his faithful.[9][10]


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