A mouth of Grolantor was a hill giant that had been driven insane through prolonged starvation. Often the result of isolation after contracting a persisting disease, these extremely destructive giants were seen as an embodiment of Grolantor's eternal hunger.[1]


Unlike typical hill giants, mouths of Grolantor were thin and emaciated. They were extremely alert and twitchy.[1]


As a result of prolonged starvation and imprisonment, a mouth of Grolantor was completely insane. They killed indiscriminately and lashed out toward anything, be it a creature or otherwise, that they perceived as edible. Their rampage lasted until they were defeated or had eaten their fill, subsequently passing out among the remains of their destruction.[1]


The utter madness of mouths of Grolantor made them impossible to predict in combat. They ran towards the nearest possible source of food and relentlessly attacked creatures at random within reach. They were even known to occasionally punch themselves or fall into a temporary stupor while in the middle of a fight.[1]


Thanks to their extremely resilient bodies, it was extremely rare for hill giants to become sick or poisoned by food. For that reason, a giant's sickness or incapacity to keep food down was a source of great upheaval and confusion whenever it did happen within a clan. Hill giants that vomited were isolated from the rest of the clan and frequently visited by a priest or chieftain who sought to interpret signs of Grolantor amid their retched bile until they recovered.[1]

Individuals who did not recover and remained sick were then imprisoned and set to starve to the point of madness. These prisoners, having lost their sense of individuality and being considered as objects by other members of the clan, were seen as physical manifestations of Grolantor's endless hunger.[1]

Mouths of Grolantor were rarely set loose on purpose. Those that escaped by accident caused many deaths among hill giants before being recaptured. On rare occasions, they were set loose on purpose, causing extreme destruction among the ranks of the hill giants' enemies. After having had their fill, they fell unconscious and were easily recaptured.[1]




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