Muhjari was a set of faith-based laws followed by many in Semphar and surrounding lands. These laws promoted the idea that activities such as drinking, gambling, sexual proclivity and other vices were sinful and should be avoided. Adherence to these laws was most common among the poor but enforcement varied from place to place. There was at least one extremist sect of Muhjari followers who rejected all forms of pleasure and practiced fasting, even going as far to reject priests of their gods who did not follow Muhjari.[citation needed]

Breaking the laws of Muhjari in Dhaztanar was not a good idea as the Caliph, Abu Bakr maintained that he was a devout follower of Muhjari and to demonstrate this, he strictly prohibited alcohol inside the walls of the Medinat and his troops were tasked with finding and shutting down establishments that trafficed in ale, wine and spirits. He imposed particularly harsh punishments on those caught doing so. In contrast, Port Ghaast in Murghôm, although predominantly populated by followers of Muhjari, saw drinking, gambling and womanizing as common activities.[citation needed]


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