Mulhorandi pantheon I

Geb, Hathor, Anhur, Horus-Re, Isis

Mulhorandi pantheon II

Thoth, Nephthys, Osiris, Set, Sebek

The Mulhorandi pantheon consisted of the deities worshiped in Mulhorand. Their domain was Heliopolis.


When the Imaskari captured the Mulan people and brought them to Toril, the slaves also brought the worship of their deities. With help from Ao, these deities were able to follow their worshipers and end their servitude.[1]

After the destruction of Mulhorand by the Spellplague, the Mulhorandi pantheon disappeared.[2] In the wake of the Second Sundering, and hearing again the plea of their people, the Mulhorandi gods returned to Toril and sent their Chosen to overthrow High Imaskar and to restore Mulhorand.[3]


  • Anhur, god of war and weather; often associated with animals used for combat and hunting.
  • Bast, goddess of hedonism, festhalls, love, and cats. She is called Sharess and is worshipped by that name outside of Mulhorand.
  • Bes, god of chance and luck.[4]
  • Geb, god of the earth, minerals, and mining.
  • Hathor, goddess of fertility and motherhood.
  • Horus-Re, the leader of the Mulhorandi pantheon, he is the god of the sun, kings, rulership, and life.
  • Isis, goddess of good magic and agriculture.
  • Nephthys, goddess of trade and wealth.
  • Osiris, god of death and the dead.
  • Re, former leader of the Mulhorandi pantheon, he was slain in a battle and his power was subsumed by Horus, who then became Horus-Re.
  • Sebek, god of wetland and river hazards, danger.
  • Set, god of evil, drought, destruction, and the desert.
  • Thoth, god of knowledge, secrets, and academic debate.



The Mulhorandi Pantheon


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