The Mulhorandi rebellion was a revolt against the rulers of High Imaskar, led by the wizard Nezram the World-Walker and the gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]



Even when Empress Ususi Manaallin outlawed slavery,[2] many of the Mulani survivors of the Spellplague after 1385 DR always resented the rulers of High Imaskar, believing they were the same tyrants of the empire of old. Many of them prayed for the return of their ancient gods, who would again free them from Imaskari rule.[3]

At some point in 1479 DR, the wizard Nezram returned to Faerûn from a long journey to the Outer Planes. Believing the Imaskari were partially responsible for the destruction of Mulhorand during the Spellplague, he began to plan the eventual fall of High Imaskar. He even succeeded in subverting a member of the Body of Artificers, Planners, and Apprehenders, Lord Planer Yanay, to his cause.[4]


During the Second Sundering, the gods of the Mulhorandi Pantheon returned to Faerûn, and swiftly rallied the Mulani to overthrow the Imaskari. They soon joined forces with Nezram, who aided them in the conflict.[1][3]

In late 1486 DR, the Imaskari were losing the war and decided to reach out the dragonborn of Tymanther for help. The dragonborn chose to openly cut diplomatic relations instead, as they had not forgotten that the Imaskari failed to fulfill their promise to help them during their political crisis with Chessenta in 1479 DR.[5]

Early in 1487 DR,[note 1] the Mulani won the war and overthrew the rulers of High Imaskar. The surviving Imaskari were forced to flee into the Plains of Purple Dust or to extraplanar safeholds.[1]


After the war ended, the empire of High Imaskar ceased to be. The gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon decided to remain in the Realms and rule the reborn nation of Mulhorand once more.[1][3]



  1. According to Ashes of the Tyrant, the Mulhorandi rebellion took place at the same time as the First Tymanther-Unther War.


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