Mulsantir was a large city in southwest Rashemen. It was located on the northern shore of the River Mulsantir, just west of Lake Mulsantir.[3]


Mulsantir sprung up as a re-provisioning point on the caravan route along the Golden Way.[3]

In 1372, a Thayan emissary named Khalia arrived in Mulsantir desiring the creation of a Thayan enclave. She was refused permission, but was allowed to leave the city alive.[4]


Fishermen netted sturgeon from the nearby lake and farmers from the surrounding land sold them as food to the caravans that passed through Mulsantir.[2]

Notable PeopleEdit


The city was protected by extensive solid stone walls. The defenders of the city, The Urphong's Host, numbered over 400 barbarians and warriors.[2]



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