Mummy creation,[3] also known simply as mummy,[1][2] was a necromantic arcane magic spell of the southern magic tradition similar to animate dead.[3][2][note 1]


This spell allowed the caster to animate one or more corpses for 90 minutes. More experienced casters could animate more bodies and for a longer time. When animated, each corpse had all the abilities of a mummy. When the spell expired, or the mummy was destroyed, the corpse turned to dust.[1][2][3]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, casting this spell required mummy dust[1][2] and specially prepared corpses.[3] Preparation of each corpse was a six-hour procedure where the corpse was wrapped and infused with embalming fluid that cost 1,400 gp.[3]





  1. Spells of the southern magic tradition were created in the Old Empires region and written down with the help of Thoth mage-script, a secret magic language, and thus only usable by the initiated.


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