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Mummy lords were a form of undead that rose from the remains of particularly powerful and evil beings.[2][3]


Mummy lords often resembled other mummies, but retained the regalia and weaponry they carried in their former life.[3]


Many mummy lords were especially powerful spellcasters, often raised as guardians for the resting place of whomever they served in life. They could inspire utter despair in the minds of their foes with their mere gaze.[1][3]

The desiccated heart of the mummy lord served as its phylactery—so long as it remained intact, the mummy lord could not be entirely destroyed and would reform within their lair within a day's time. To destroy a mummy lord permanently, fire had to be used to burn its heart to ashes.[1]


Mummy lords could speak words of blasphemy that made their foes freeze in place. They could also inhibit all manner of healing around them, by means of focusing pure negative energy.[1]

As with other mummies, mummy lords could inflict the disease known as mummy rot with their mere touch.[2][3]

Mummy lords were immune to disease and poison and were highly resistant to all forms of magic.[1] They were however especially vulnerable to fire and flame,[2] and in fact could only be destroyed by such.[1]


The rituals used to create mummy lords were known among only the most powerful clerics. The heart and innards of the deceased person or creature were removed from its corpse and placed in limestone or clay jars, which were inscribed with religious symbology.[1]

The lairs of mummy lords were twisted with dark powers. Any food or drink brought within would spoil or turn to rot and water would immediately evaporate. Divination magic was not nearly as accurate when cast within their lairs, often leading to incorrect or deceptive portents. Any being that stole items found within their lairs were cursed until they were returned to their rightful place within.[1]

Mummy lords were often served by scores of lesser undead.[1]


The tome entitled The Canopic Being outlined rituals used to create mummy lords. The original could be found in Candlekeep as of the late 15th century DR.[4]

Notable Mummy Lords[]

Valin Sarnaster

Valin Sarnaster, the mummy lord of the House of the All-Seeing Orb.


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