Mummy touch was a necromancy spell that gave the caster temporary immunity to mummy rot and imbued him or her with a mummy's ability to inflict the disease on others by touch.[1][2]


Mummy touch lasted one minute per experience level of the caster. During that time, the caster was immune to the touch of a mummy and all creatures touched by the caster had a chance to contract mummy rot. (See the mummy rot page for a description of the disease.) Creatures normally immune to mummy rot, like an iron golem or xorn for example, were unaffected by this spell. Mummy touch could not be granted to someone other than the caster. Mummy rot could not be placed on a weapon or used to contaminate food or drink in order to transfer the disease; it could only be conferred by touch.[1][2]

The disease created by this spell could be remedied by cure disease and stronger spells that performed the same function. It did not have the property that corpses of mummy victims rotted away in an hour. If the spell was active at the time the caster was slain, his or her corpse did not rot. Likewise, anyone slain by the caster while infected with this disease did not rot away after death.[1][2]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell. The material components were a drop of blood and a pinch of mummy dust.[1] The oldest version of this spell also required a small piece of rotting meat or fish.[2]


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