Muranndin was a kingdom in the Lands of Intrigue in western Faerûn.[1]


The monster kingdom of Muranndin bordered Amn in the north via the Small Teeth Mountains, Tethyr's northern Wealdath forest in the east, and west with the Dragon's Head peninsula.[2] This left the independent duchy of Velen isolated from the rest of Faerûn.[1]


The monarch of this kingdom was called the Great Mur which usually was the chieftain of the strongest tribe. The Great Mur was responsible for essentially keeping the other tribes and bandits together and prevent infighting between them.[2] Muranndin also collected tolls on all traffic along the Trade Way and its marauders roamed all nearby lands.[3]


Slavery was the status quo since the foundation of the kingdom. The conquerors of the Murann city enslaved thousands of Amnians back in the 1370s and the descendants of those slaves served the ogres, orcs, and brigands of the area. A slave in Muranndin could fight his way out by showing martial skill or usefulness enough to impress either his owner or one of the chieftains.[2]


The chieftains maintained scattered strongholds and keeps across the kingdom that were vital to secure the borders, especially with Amn since Muranndin was established on a great portion of Amnian soil[4] and the High Houses offered bounties on ogres, trolls, and giants.[5]


The kingdom of Muranndin existed since 1370 DR when a duo of ogre mages, Sothillis and Cyrvisnea, led an army of monstrous humanoids and worshipers of Cyric against southern Amn.[6] The official establishment of the kingdom, however, was after the successful siege of the southwest Amnian city of Murann in 1371 DR that eventually became its capital.[7]

In 1374 DR, tlincallis emerged from sinkholes to attack Murann and settlements in Amn, and demanded repayment for treasures plundered from Maztica. That year, Sothillis of Muranndin and the Council of Six of Amn declared a truce and an alliance against the tlincallis of Oaxaptupa.[8] This truce lasted for many years.[citation needed]


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