Murbant was a previously-independent coastal settlement that came under the control of Thay during the 14th century DR, under the greater tharch of Priador.[1] It was located on the northern shore of the Alamber Sea,[2]


Great slave plantations and freeholds encompassed the lands surrounding Murbant. They were occasionally assaulted by monsters that were kept on the estates of Red Wizards.[1]

The people of Murbant made their living as fishermen and smugglers. After Thay took control of the town, the citizens paid their taxes to Thayan officials but were largely ignored by the ruling tharchion.[1]


When Murbant was an independent city, it maintained a loose alliance with coastal cities of Delthuntle, Escalant, Laothkund, Lasdur, Nethta, Taskaunt, Teth, and Thasselen,[3] a number of which extended west into the Wizards' Reach.[4]

The town was seized by Thay just prior to the Salamander War in the year 1357 DR.[1]



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