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Mustevals were tiny, mouse-like guardinals native to Elysium[1] and the House of Nature.[2]


Mustevals looked like 2‑foot-tall (0.61‑meter) humanoid mice. They were agile and rarely stayed still. When dealing with other creatures they often used their change self ability to appear differently.[1]


Mustevals, like all guardinals, were immune to lightning, resistant to both acid and cold, and could not be petrified. They could speak to any creature that had a language, as if using the spell tongues. Unlike other guardinals, however, they could not speak with animals.[1]

Mustevals also possessed innate magical powers that allowed them to replicate the effects of certain spells. At will, they could replicate the effects of detect evil, detect magic, disguise self, magic missile, and see invisibility; they could also protect themselves from evil. Once each day, they could turn invisible.[1]

Besides their magical powers, mustevals were small, agile creatures capable of climbing and burrowing. They also had keen hearing.[1]

If required to fight, mustevals preferred to remain in constant motion and relied on their magic missile-like power. If pressed, they would resort to biting.[1]


Although they were the least powerful variety of guardinal, they used their cunning and small size to help fight evil, often acting as spies and messengers for more powerful celestials.[1] For instance, mustevals were known to serve the goddess Mystra,[3] and some Harper paragons could summon them by means of a powerful summoning spell otherwise forbidden to mortals, for as long as a year at a time.[4][5]


Mustevals were the only guardinal variety who did not have a representative paragon in the Five Companions. They regarded this as a simple oversight that would soon be corrected.[1]




Celestial Beings of Goodness and Nature
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