Muthtur was a half-orc outcast and gladiator at the Arena beneath Llorkh.[1]

I'm no novelty, I'm a person. And I killed the man who said it.[1]


The half-orc wore brown chain mail, as well as scum-green clothing. He fought with a longsword that had a purple guard and pommel, as well as a shield. Muthtur's looks certainly favored his orc heritage, having a snout and two large tusks.[1]


He believed most people scorned his appearance, and did not hesitate from saying it. Despite this demeanor, all he really wanted was to be at peace in his home.[1]


Muthtur lived with a group of other outcasts in the High Forest. One day, he was seized from the forest he called home, and taken to the Arena beneath Llorkh. On his way in, the half-orc spotted a secret door to the northern alcove of the arena. He was to entertain the crowd at the arena as a "novelty fighter", as there were mostly only humans or monsters fighting.[1]

Yes, I'm a half-orc, and to you I'm ugly as an otyugh. I'm also the hideous, inhuman thing that saved your lives.
— Muthtur, to the future Heroes of Ascore.[1]

Circa 1358 DR, the half-orc hatched a plan to escape the arena. When a new party, who would become the Heroes of Ascore, had finished their first fight in the arena, he distracted the guards, and the adventurers grabbed the keys. He told his story, and also the whereabouts of the secret exit.[1]



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