Mydianchlarus was briefly the Oinoloth, ruler of the Wasting Tower of Khin-Oin.[4]


Mydianchlarus overthrew its predecessor, Anthraxus, at some point between 1357 DR[note 1] and 1369 DR,[note 2] not through violence but by Mydianchlarus whispering a secret in Anthraxus's ear so profound and disturbing that he was compelled to leave Khin-Oin and move on.[citation needed]

Mydianchlarus gained himself a reputation as an effective commander who successfully maneuvered his forces through the Blood War.[5]

In approximately 1379 DR, however, his lieutenant Phraxas (who was in fact Anthraxus) killed him and took over the Siege Malicious. This was possible because Mydianchlarus' mind was too focused on his efforts on the Blood War and therefore too little on enemies from within his own ranks. Remnants of Mydianchlarus still existed in the form of the Sepulcher of Mydianchlarus, which also served as a reminder for the non-continuity in Anthraxus' reign as the Oinoloth.[6]



  1. The "present day" in Swords of the Iron Legion, when Anthraxus was still in power.
  2. The "present day" in Faces of Evil: The Fiends, when Anthraxus had already been ousted.