Myrkyssa Jelan was a regional warlord and not much was known about her except that she was female, extremely ambitious, had multiple identities, and threatened the city of Ravens Bluff twice between the years of 1337 and 1347 DR.

Her first attempt, using diverse forces such as orcs, ogres, and giants, as well as mercenary companies, failed largely because of the caliber of citizens inhabiting Ravens Bluff. Her army went down in defeat at the Battle of Fire River, and she disappeared, not appearing again until two years later.

Her second attempt at the conquest of Ravens Bluff was decidedly more subtle than her first. Through unknown means, she recreated herself as a citizen of Ravens Bluff, duping the residents and officials, gaining the status of Lady Mayor under the name Amber Lynn Thoden.

Around the same time, she created the personality of beautiful, confident, and deadly swordswoman, Elana. It was in this guise that she contracted the services of one Jack Ravenwild to retrieve a book called the Sarkonagael: Secrets of the Shadewrights. The title suggests that it was a spellbook, likely containing spells using the Shadow Weave.

Jelan's motives were revealed soon after through a series of events that ended up before the wild mythal underneath Ravens Bluff. Jelan's motives were finally revealed: her family used to be mighty sorcerors called the Kara-Tur, and their ability to wield magic was taken away by a divine curse. The wild mythal that the drow created held the key to ending the curse. If she could tame the mythal herself, the immense magical power it stored would be hers.

It was at this point that, despite earlier protests of good intentions, she revealed her plans to rule over Ravens Bluff as a dictator. Unfortunately for Jelan, she underestimated Jack Ravenwild, who took matters into his own hands and defied Jelan. They battled and Jack succeeded in defeating her, signaling an end to her nefarious plans for Ravens Bluff.[1]



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