Myrmyxicuses were massive, powerful tanar'ri demons of horrific appearance.[1]


A myrmyxicus was a massive demon with a green, eel-like body. A row of spines ran down its back, and the tip of the tail was a round mouth. The torso had four arms arranged symmetrically around the chest, and eight tentacles sprouted from the waist. The head of a myrmyxicus was reptilian, with a sharp-fanged snout, black eyes, and three pairs of curled horns.[1]


Myrmyxicus demons were powerful, aquatic tanar'ri, but they were much slower on land. Oddly enough, myrmyxicuses could fly, albeit poorly, through natural magic. Like all demons, they spoke the Abyssal language and possessed darkvision; as tanar'ri, they could telepathically speak to any creature with a language.[1]

Myrmyxicuses lacked the array of spell-like abilities seen in other powerful demons, instead utilizing deadly and varied melee abilities. Their four arms could wield enchanted, unholy scythes, and their tentacles easily grabbed smaller opponents. Additionally, a bite from the myrmyxicus's tail could drain a victim's willpower. Even worse, those who attempted to fight a myrmyxicus would have to avoid the demon's tar-like blood, which was toxic to good-aligned creatures.[1]

The myrmyxicuses did possess a few spell-like abilities, being able to replicate the effects of cause fear, charm person, charm monster, freedom of movement, telekinesis, teleport without error, and true seeing at will, and control water, control weather, greater dispelling, unholy aura, and unholy blight three times each per day.[1]


Myrmyxicuses were arrogant demons who refused to serve others, instead ruling portions of Abyssal seas from citadels of razor-sharp coral and fish skeletons.[1]

Myrmyxicus demons were known to live in the Fated Depths.[2]




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