Myste was a human illusionist.[1]


Myste clad herself in blue robes, with a matching blue headband and blue earrings. She had black hair, light skin, and attractive features.[1]


She was especially fond of using spells involving color or fog, preferring to use those in place of the more standard illusion spells.[1]


Myste owned a stone of mixed luck,[2] a luckstone[1] variant that ensured her good luck 85% of the time. The remaining 15% were utterly unfortunate, forcing her to endure many embarrassing and comical blunders.[2]

She also owned a powerful ring of protection +4.[1]


Although she originally intended to become a generic wizard, Myste found herself drawn toward illusion magic. When a teacher informed her she was merely "chasing clouds", she replied "Then call me Myste!", thereby adopting a new moniker.[1]




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