Mystra's Ban was a decree that the goddess Mystra made about the mortal use of powerful magic.[2]


Before Mystra's Ban, there was no practical limit to the ways magic could be used.[3] Any being with enough skill, intelligence and willpower could use magic, with very little effort.[4] Beings could tap the weave directly and use its magical energy.[5] There was no limit on the amount of magical power that could be channeled into a spell.[3]

The ban was enacted only moments after the Fall of Netheril caused by Karsus's Folly.[1]


The first effect of the ban was to limit spellcasting to spells of a maximum of 9th level, with some special Epic Spells[note 1] being more powerful than that.[2] The second effect was that all spellcasters had to spend time memorizing spells and were limited to holding a certain number of magical spells in their head at any one time.[1]

Epic magic was not affected by Mystra's Ban.[2]



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