Myth Adofhaer, formerly known as Adofhaeranede, was a mythal-cloaked sun elf city in the ancient realm of Siluvanede (founded c. −8400 DR) in the High Forest.[1][2][3]


Around −5300 DR, Siluvanedenn elves established a mythal in the city, then known as Adofhaeranede, and renamed it to Myth Adofhaer.[1][3]

Around −4300 DR, at the end of the Seven Citadels' War, Eaerlann annexed Siluvanede by force. Learning of the taint of the fey'ri houses, untainted Siluvanedenn High Mages put the entire city of Myth Adofhaer and all its citizens into magical stasis in order to emerge in the far future, thus avoiding association with them.[4][5][6] It was later reported that the Eaerlanni had sent Myth Adofhaer away from Faerûn.[2]


Even by the 14th century, a number of old songs written in the Elven language told of the mythal-cloaked Siluvanedenn city of Myth Adofhaer.[2]

By 1374 DR, it was being rumored that an old book had recently been uncovered in a ruined Eaerlanni library, purportedly telling of Myth Adofhaer's exile and, more importantly, the conditions by which it might return. This information was of particular interest to the Eldreth Veluuthra, the organization that sought the removal of all humans from Faerûn. They hoped the sun elves would share their anger at the loss of elven might, and hunted for the book.[2]


The entire city and all its citizens were placed in magical stasis by the power of its mythal.[4] It was effectively removed from the world until certain conditions were met.[4][2]



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