Myth Rhynn was an ancient elven tomb city deep in the heart of the Mytharan Woods,[1] a section of the Wealdath in Tethyr.[2] Even the elves themselves were unsure of when it was built, but it was some time during the height of the realm of Keltormir.[1]


By the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, Myth Rhynn's mythal had long since decayed from its original purpose. Elves were once laid to rest here, but since the decay, any elf who entered the area became nauseated or even violently ill and would vehemently avoid entrance. The mythal prevented any elf buried here from being raised from the dead or corrupted into undeath, but other creatures that died here were raised as undead due to its decay. Another effect of the mythal's decay was the corruption and twisting of the local flora which overran almost all areas of the tombs.[1][2]


Myth Rhynn was known to be home to will-o'-wisps and possibly the lich, Mallin, who controlled many of the undead in the area.[1][2][3]



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